Energy and Resource Recovery

What you should know…

Wastewater contains energy and valuable resources. Under the prevailing wastewater treatment paradigm, most of that energy is currently either burned off as carbon dioxide in a biological treatment process, or it is transferred into the sludge stream at a wastewater treatment plant. The total energy in the annual municipal wastewater that is collected and treated in the USA alone is approximately 36.5 Million Mega Watt Hours. 

The total annual quantity of sludge disposed of or beneficially used in North America and Europe is approximately 15 million dry tons, which equates to approximately 50 million mega watt hours of energy. However, as can be seen below, in countries like the USA many of the wastewater treatment plants that do generate biogas do not currently utilize the resource and simply flare the gas.

Energy and Resource Recovery

Wastewater contains nutrients, such as phosphorus, and other resources that can be recovered and recycled as part of a more sustainable wastewater treatment process. There is growing recognition of the potential value of these nutrients and the decreasing availability from natural sources. For example, at the current rate of extraction, phosphate mines will be exhausted by the end of the 21st century.

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